thoughts on our family vacation (without our whole family)

Just trying to keep it all together right now. This trip has been about throwing that smile on and making magic happen for my little babes. Creating beautiful moments for them no matter what. Knowing that my attitude will directly impact how they perceive these memories and intentionally choosing JOY. 

Even when it’s hard. (when I have to hide behind my sunglasses because all I can think about is how much Elle Kade would have loved this trip). (and calling to hear her voice because I can’t be there to hug her after her first day of school). So hard. 

It’s overwhelming to balance those emotions. I feel as much love, gratitude and happiness for this experience as I do guilt, stress, and sadness.  

But this trip isn’t about me. It’s about spending time with family and having an amazing vacation with Carter and Clare. 

We always have a choice. Perspective is so powerful. The negative thoughts will always be there but how long will you allow yourself to focus on them? Acknowledge their presence and remember that they do not serve you. Find a way that works for you to shift your mindset to gratitude and joy. Become so determined to radiate positivity and love no matter what.