Drops of Awesome



I stumbled across this quote today and it really hit me like a ton of bricks.

Honestly, a few months ago my answer would have be pretty far down the list, if I even remembered to name myself at all…

It is so easy for me to justify all of the reasons why I am unlovable. My house isn’t clean, I didn’t spend enough quality time with my kids today, I didn’t even brush my teeth this morning!!

Those limiting beliefs creep in and it is so easy to listen to them! Since I started my coaching journey a few months ago, I have learned to recognize when I’m feeding those negative thoughts and to overcome them! Don’t fall into the trap set by the adversary that wants to mislead you into thinking you are worthless!

I know how it feels to give in to those negative thoughts… I used to have a terrible habit of thinking to myself “I’m an awful mother” “why would anyone want to be around me” “everyone hates me” and I didn’t even catch myself doing it, until one day Clare looked up at me and said “you hate me” and I was completely crushed. She heard me say it to myself, and she was just repeating my awful self talk.


It was the wake up call that I needed- Is that really the example that I want to set for my precious children?! What kind of example am I setting by neglecting myself? If I don’t even love myself, how can anyone else love me? If I say these terrible things to myself, how does that affect my family and everyone else around me??

We have to place value and worth in ourselves before we can fully love and serve others.

It’s a process. And it’s not always easy. But that’s why I want to share with you what I’ve learned about filling my bucket in the “Drops of Awesome Challenge” that I’m starting next week.

Daily reminders that you are worth loving, finding time to prioritize what we are fueling and nurturing ourselves with, strengthening your body and soul through working out, and healing with the most powerful nutrients our body craves.

Make yourself a priority and take that first step into becoming the person that you can look into the mirror and truly love who is looking back ❤️ I would love to share the details with you, message me if you’re interested!